The Dilemma:  

King Baeden is in trouble: he is dying. He has no sons. His lords have succumbed to infighting and treachery. The aggressive southern kingdom has learned of his terminal illness… and King Baeden has just received intelligence that they plan to attack in 30 days' time.

Unable to trust those closest to him, King Baeden turns to complete strangers for help: the Lone Wolf Club, a band of adventurers headed by a charismatic elvish bard. With promises of gold and land, the king begs them to go in search of a solution – any solution – to his royal woes.


Summary of Events:  

The Lone Wolf Club was summoned to Rodharc, the capitol city of Ardanach, where the ailing king enlisted them to save his kingdom – either by stopping the impending war with the dwarves, finding his daughter a suitable husband to take his throne, or by some other means. The adventurers were given information about various bordering kingdoms.

After being approached by a daughter-in-law of Lord Laken, who seemed to have gained control of the city, to help her with the problem of her baby, the Lone Wolf Club decided to begin its search by going north to the Halfling forest and from thence into the northern wilds. At the Halfling village, they found a Halfling who strongly resembled the king. They also encountered a crashed balloon, with one occupant – a pale stranger wearing strange clothes. They managed to heal him with the use of a small white stone given to them by the king’s bodyguard, Acwellan, but the stranger was rendered speechless. One of the adventurers, Eric the Blond, found a silver chair, but did not inform the others.

Upon returning to Rodharc, the adventurers discovered that Lord Laken had stolen the eldest princess and fled with her to his keep, in the northeast. They journeyed to the keep, which they found in ruins. In the dungeons below, they encountered strange goblin-like creatures never before seen in Ardanach. They also found the princess, but were unable to remove her from the dungeon without harming her, due to some sort of spell. Venturing deeper, the adventurers encountered the ghost of Lady Laken. She revealed that something had come through the rift deep in the dungeon – something dangerous. Lord Laken was attempting to harness its power to bring her back to life, but Lady Laken was positive he wouldn’t do anything horrible… Nevertheless, she wanted to be freed to continue into the afterlife.

At the bottom of the dungeon, the adventurers found a rift/portal. Whatever being lurks beyond the portal sensed traces of “Seelie” upon them and kept talking about how the Unseelie court would rise again. Concluding that the Seelie was their strange, pale companion, the adventurers decided to destroy the portal, but not before they learned that the creature in the portal claimed to be from Begnorn, the country bordering Ardanach on the east. 

With the portal destroyed, the adventurers were able to bring the princess out. They gave her to Sir Acwellan, the king's bodyguard, who told them to go east and reconnoiter in Begnorn. 

On the way to Begnorn, the adventurers came to the small down of Perscold. Here there were many refugees from Laken's Keep – most of them injured, very young, or very old. They were in great distress, as a band of "monsters" called Bloodreavers had descended upon them, taking the able-bodied adults and some youngsters to the east. Since the adventurers were headed toward Begnorn anyway, they decided to pursue the reavers.

As they crossed the border from Ardanach into Begnorn, Sky stopped short. He motioned for the white stone Acwellan had given the travelers, and seemed to use it to break through the invisible barrier. He then pressed the stone to his neck… and aged visibly! He coughed and began to speak, but in a very ancient form of Supernal which Unferth could scarcely understand.

As they could make no real sense of Sky's ramblings, the adventurers continued onward. They climbed up the face of a mountain to a tunnel entrance leading into Thunderspire mountain. Very soon they found themselves on the trail of the Bloodreavers, and determined that they would free the slaves.

Along the way, however, they spent a night in the Seven-Pillared Hall in the center of the mountain. In the morning, they found that Sky had disappeared! He had last been seen with a mysterious man in a black robe and golden mask.

The adventurers continued to seek the slaves. Just as they came to the dungeon holding them, they saw a vision on the wall: a blue sky, then a well, and then a demon with horns. They puzzled over this, then proceeded to slay the last of the reavers and free the slaves. One problem: the children were missing.  

The Lone Wolf Club

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