The Lone Wolf Club

The Eleventh Encounter: The Seven-Pillared Hall

The Lone Wolf Club battled numerous hobgoblins and other beasties as they worked their way into the heart (or pupil?) of the Chamber of Eyes. Although the chamber appeared to have been some sort of religious temple long ago, it had obviously been corrupted by the bloodreavers who now inhabited its vaulted rooms. The sanctuary had been transformed into a holding area for slaves, complete with shackles – but was now empty. After battling tooth and nail with the bloodreavers, which also included a few duergar, the LWC managed to capture the leader of the bunch, the hobgoblin chief Krand. With all of his minions dead and dismembered, Krand readily confessed that he had sold the slaves – originally the poor folk of Perscold and Lord Laken's Keep – to a group of duergar. After swearing he was reformed, Krand offered to take the LWC to the Seven-Pillared Hall in return for his freedom. Oddly enough, the usually bloodthirsty band agreed. 

In the Seven-Pillared Hall, the LWC immediately encountered trouble with Brugg, the ogre at the entryway guardhouse. He was puzzled by the presence of a human in the group – Unferth – who seemed not to know he was a slave. Someone in the LWC managed to slip Unferth's abandoned charm back into his pocket, so that he no longer appeared human. The LWC managed to get past Brugg and began to explore the hall, visiting various outposts.

In the course of exploration, it became apparent that the gems worn by the group made Lone Wolf appear to be a mummy. Kell appeared to be a Kuo-Toa. Thanks to Sky's help, the LWC was able to exchange some gems for gold. They also stocked up on provisions. 

Anova noticed that a man in a black robe with an expressionless gold mask was following them; often appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye. He appeared to be watching Sky very carefully. Inquiry revealed that the man in black and gold was the Ordinator Arcanis, the magistrate of the Seven-Pillared Hall.  

Finally the LWC retired to the Halfmoon Inn, where Rendil and his family allowed them to stay for free.



The travelers awoke in the morning to find Sky missing. Inquiry revealed he had come downstairs and gone outside on his own, and had been seen with the man in black and gold. 

Concluding that there was little to be done, the LWC continued to the Grimmerzhul Trading Post – where they successfully avoided conflict with the slaving duergar! Instead they convinced the duergar that they needed to see Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, providing a receipt for the sale of the slaves with his name on it. The duergar told the LWC that Murkelmor could be found in the Horned Hold at the end of the Road of Shadows.  And so the LWC prepared to set off. 



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