The Lone Wolf Club

The Fifth Encounter: Saving Toren

The Lone Wolf Club temporarily disbands

We rejoin the Lone Wolf Club at the apex of the Halfling village, around the mostly-repaired beetle hive. Kell and Lone Wolf proceeded to question Root a bit more. He told them that the Halflings' primary industry was harvesting the glowing orbs from the beetles and selling them to Lord Laken's people. Lately, Lord Laken has been bothering the Halflings because he thinks they have magic. Root says he doesn't know why; he doesn't know of anything magic they possess.

Meanwhile, Eric the Blond lowered himself back into the hive to re-investigate the silver chair. He tried to saw it but merely managed to deface it slightly. He did notice an oblong indentation in one of the arms of the chair. He keeps the stranger's map, with the stranger's writing on the back, to himself.

Lone Wolf climbed up into the ship and discovered the source of the strange magic was the stranger himself. He seemed quite distraught, so Lone Wolf sang him a song. The stranger was cheered enough to follow him down off the hive. Kell took the stranger's picnic basket and ate the food (it was delicious), while Anova took the single lady's shoe.

The LWC spent the night in the Halfling town.


In the morning, they took the stranger and set out toward the capitol city-all save Eric, who insisted on staying behind to mend the Montgolfier.

On the way to the capitol, the adventurers encountered a pack of wolves. In her eagerness to fight, Anova found herself at the mercy of one particularly vicious old wolf-the animal nearly killed her! Fortunately Rev, Kell, and Gray stepped in to save her. Lone Wolf was primarily occupied with saving his ass.

The wolves defeated, the LWC continued toward the city. Fearing retribution for their earlier slaying of two orcs, they decided it was wise to disguise themselves. Lone Wolf took on the garb of a priest, while the rest of the party became his altar boys.

Nearing the north gate, they saw a carriage heading outward, to the northeast-Lord Laken's domain. Rather than investigate, the LWC decided to continue into town.

Finding their way to the church, Lone Wolf successfully convinced the priest to heal Anova for saving a monastery (or some such). The priest also examined the stranger, but saw nothing that needed healing.

Next stop was the castle. Kell bellowed for Tiller, who appeared and seemed willing enough to go into the castle to fetch Acwellan. Except that once gone, he never reappeared. Kell then spoke to Caff, the stable boy, who was incredibly eager to help. He was happy to reveal that Toren, Lord Laken's daughter-in-law, had just been arrested for losing her baby and trying to replace it with a monster. She has been carted away to Lord Laken's domain. Kell gave Caff an entire gold piece-a fortune to the poor boy-and Caff agreed to watch the cart and the stranger while the LWC went after Toren. At the last moment, Anova and Rev also decided to stay behind.

Now only a fraction of the original party, Lone Wolf, Kell, and Gray raced out into the countryside with Deloris. They caught up with the carriage and slew the orcs. Inside the carriage they did indeed find Toren and her misshapen baby. Unwilling to deceive the girl, Kell told her the truth about her baby. Brokenhearted, Toren feels she has no choice but to swap her baby for a normal baby of the Halflings.

As if the party weren't already splintered enough, Lone Wolf decided to take Deloris and head back to town to meet up with Anova and Rev. Kell and Gray, clearly the most intelligent members of the party, decide to set the carriage on fire and try to hide it. Then, taking the horses, they started toward the Halfling forest with Toren and her baby.

With no clear plan for meeting up again, other than seeing each other "somewhere in between," whether the Lone Wolf Club will succeed in being reunited is yet to be seen. Will the Halflings accept the baby-trade? Will Eric get the damaged Montgolfier off the ground? Who IS the stranger, and from whence does he come?  



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