The Lone Wolf Club

The Ninth Encounter: Perscold

In which the Lone Wolf Club procures goods, and Lone Wolf is reunited with his ass.

After their battle with the dire wolves, the Lone Wolf Club finally arrived in Perscold, a small country town on a river. Although the streets were strangely deserted, there were tents all around, housing the old and young and wounded refugees from Lord Laken's Keep. Upon entering the general goods store, the LWC learned that shortly after the refugees straggled into town, a band of ruffians came into town and gathered together all of the able-bodied adults, taking them off to the east. The woman in charge of the store informed the LWC that the ruffians were strange, horrid creatures – like monsters out of a fairytale. Some of the old folk called them Bloodreavers. 

Outside in one of the town corrals, Lone Wolf found Deloris, the cart, and the two horses remaining (sadly, the refugees had eaten the other two).

The only other major building in town was the blacksmith's. The blacksmith was a gruff old man with one leg, who was very impatient and overworked. He had a huge selection of weapons, none of them finished, and everyone in town was now demanding weapons. The adventurers would have to wait their turn – unless they could find him some sort of apprentice to help with his work. After some bickering, the group decided to leave Caff with the blacksmith. For doing so, they recieved their weapons quickly – and at a twenty percent discount!

After healing some of the refugees and assuaging the fears of those who remained, the LWC bedded down for the night.



In the morning, the LWC headed east. They came to the base of a huge mountain with a single switchback road leading up to the midpoint. As they started forward onto this road, Sky stopped abruptly. He began to act as if he had encountered an invisible, impassable wall. He began to gesture for the small white stone given to the LWC by Acwellan; when the LWC produced it, he broke through the wall. Then he began to glow slightly, pressed the stone to his neck, and suddenly aged ten years! He coughed and then began to speak. 

Sky's language sounded like a very ancient version of Supernal, almost incomprehensible to Unferth, who speaks Supernal. Sky said something about water – how bad water is better than no water at all, and that the kingdom of Ardanach is very dry. He also recited what seemed to be a children's rhyme. The poem told about two boys walking through the woods, holding hands, one older, one younger. Some sort of flood came, and the older boy let go of the younger boy’s hand. When the water went away, the younger boy hunted the older boy and took everything from him.

The LWC couldn't really understand Sky's ramblings, so eventually they continued to climb up the mountain. About halfway up the mountain, the switchbacks ended in a large archway framed on either side by two enormous minotaurs. The opening, which was about two carts wide, extended deep in to the depths of the mountain. Seeing no other path, the LWC ventured in, discovering along that single large tunnel a series of small side paths and doorways.

They saw a light coming from one side chamber, and as they crept closer they heard a voice: in common, one person said "Sell him for 10 gold pieces!" A higher, younger voice replied, "Are you kidding me? I'm worth twice that – and I'll give it to you, too, if you let me go!" Concluding that they had found Bloodreavers, and that they had taken someone hostage, the LWC dashed in. They did in fact find a small band of hobgoblin bloodreavers, along with a single young halfling. And naturally, the bloodreavers attacked! 



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