The Lone Wolf Club

The Seventh Encounter: Talking to Emmaline

Upon locating Emmaline in a cell within the torture chamber, the Lone Wolf Club worked together to calm her down. When she was no longer hysteric, Emmaline was able to tell them that Lord Laken had stolen her from the castle. He rode very quickly to the keep and hid her in the dungeon, telling her that something bad would happen if she tried to leave. Emmaline never believed in magic before, but now that she's seen this horrible monsters, like goblins out of a fairy tale, and Lady Laken… well, she has to believe. After warning her, Lord Laken hurried off. Emmaline begs you to please, please help Lady Laken – but is reduced to tears any time someone asks why.

Oblivious to Emmaline's warnings, Lone Wolf convinced her that a magic charm would keep her safe. Kell took her to the entrance to the dungeon, but when she tried to pass the threshold she began to scream in pain. Blood came out of her mouth and nose.

Quickly, the Lone Wolf Club brought her back down into the dungeon and stopped the bleeding. Eric the Blond went up by himself and convinced Toren, her baby, and the Stranger to come back down. They gathered with Emmaline in her cell and consented to be locked inside while the LWC explored the rest of the dungeon. Eric gave them the key in case they needed to get back out.

Next, the LWC decided to go into the area Eric had already scouted, where he had heard goblin noises before. Eric, on the other hand, ventured into an unknown region and ran straight into an entire hive of walking, rotting corpses! He fled back to the LWC, which did indeed find some goblins, who put up a fight before giving up the ghost.



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