The Lone Wolf Club

The Tenth Encounter: The Chamber of Eyes

In which the Lone Wolf Club rescues a halfling

The Lone Wolf Club soon had the hobgoblins under control; they attempted to save one for interrogation, but his fellow turned on him and killed him before he could say anything. 

The Halfling the LWC had rescued from slavery, however, introduced himself as Rendil and thanked the travelers. He told them his family kept an inn at the Seven Pillared Hall, but that they couldn't come in looking as they did – the only humans in the mountain were slaves and they would surely be attacked as soon as anyone laid eyes upon them. 

He also told the LWC that the other hobgoblins had continued down into the Chamber of Eyes, an abandoned temple area nobody else cared to frequent. With them they had taken the humans stolen from Perscold.

For the sum of a few gold pieces, Rendil agreed to get each member of the LWC a charm that would disguise them. He warned, however, that the charm was for appearances only – he couldn't promise that they would disguise the smell of Seelie on Sky. He then directed the LWC to the Chamber of Eyes and departed, promising to put the LWC up for free if they should enter into the Seven Pillared Hall.

So the LWC continued deeper into Thunderspire Mountain, until they reached the Chamber of Eyes. Inside they encountered, not surprisingly, even more hobgoblins… 



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