The Lone Wolf Club

The Thirteenth Encounter: The Horned Hold

Once in the second bastion of the Horned Hold, the Lone Wolf Club had to fight through more enemies. As they paused between conflicts, however, something strange happened! An apparition like a window appeared on the stone wall, displaying three images in succession: First, a blue sky with clouds. Second, an antique well. Third, a horned demon! 

Puzzled about what this vision might portend, our adventurers forged onward… coming at last to a room full of human slaves… the villagers and townsfolk they had been seeking all along! After a terrible fight with the guards, and sadly the loss of one prisoner's life, the LWC prevailed. They now had nineteen people to protect. What should be done with them? 

First, sleep.


The former slaves, now freed by the LWC, were quite distraught. Some of them were missing spouses, which they believed to be in the third bastion of the horned hold, working in the kitchen. Others were missing children… and in fact all the children in the group had been taken. To where, nobody knows…  



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