The Lone Wolf Club

The Twelfth Encounter: The Horned Hold

As the Lone Wolf Club prepared to set off down the Road of Shadows, a small kobold ran up to them and pressed a note into Gray's hand. It said, in a very ornate script, "I am watching you. Free the slaves and we will have something to discuss." 

Intrigued, the LWC continued on their way into the depths of Thunderspire Mountain. Eventually they came to a vast chasm, flanked on either side by massive bastions. Blocking the path was a portcullis, through which the group could see orcs! 

Some skillful bluffing from the LWC got the orcs to open the gate, but no more; ultimately they had to slay the orcs before they alerted the rest of the bastion. They found out, however, that the human captives were purportedly on the opposite side of the chasm. 

The LWC fought their way through more orcs and duergars, succeeding in crossing the chasm and making their way into the second bastion.  



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